The ongoing seige of Gaza has led to a death toll of 6000 innocent civilians, which includes 2000 children. President of America, Joe Biden, was criticised by protestors around the world for refusing to impose a ceasefire as hospitals in Gaza run out of fuel to provide care for the injured, including premature babies.

Actress Mahira Khan shared a series of clips from Gaza photographer Motaz Azizi, who shared a video of the complete destruction of Gaza after Israeli airstrikes. It followed with a clip of Gazan civilians who revealed how they fled to the south of Gaza to escape the bombs, but Israeli airstrikes bombed homes and markets there. Another clip showed Jewish Americans protesting inside the Capitol building.

“This is the genocide of Palestinian people,” the ‘Humsafar’ actress wrote. “This is killing of innocent human beings – men, women and children ( majority children). History will remember those who had the power to make a difference and didn’t, those who could bring an end to this and remained quiet.. they will always have blood on their hands. Praying every moment with a broken heart.”


Other prominent Pakistani celebrities have consistently used their platform to call for a ceasefire in Gaza and criticised Israel for targetting women and children with airstrikes. Ayesha Omar shared a picture of Gazan children holding the Palestinian flag and wrote in the caption: ‘Hoping and praying for an immediate ceasefire. May Allah ease the pain and suffering of all the innocent lives, especially children, in Gaza. May the truth always win. May Allah bless the souls of the ones who have lost their lives in this genocide. Ameen.”