Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) employees have not been paid salaries since six months.

According to Geo sources, employees of the Lahore headquarters have demanded that they be paid dues soon.

PHF sources say that sick employees do not have money for medical treatment, including a PHF employee who suffers from heart disease.


According to sources, the issue of due salaries of senior and junior players is also pending. Captain Imad Shakeel Butt demanded payment of delays after participating in the Olympics qualifying round, but funds have not been released to PHF by the government. A funds and assignment account is yet to be opened.

According to PHF sources, one month’s salary is in arrears in the current cycle, the remaining five months’ arrears are from the previous cycle. About eight crore rupees is pending.

The current administration had closed the accounts of the federation in the last week of December due to which it is now necessary to open an assignment account.