Due to its durability and powerful engine, the Honda CG125 has been one of Pakistan’s best-selling motorcycles for decades. Despite the fact that the manufacturer has not modified its shape or added any major or small modifications to it in nearly two decades, customers continue to buy it.

Atlas Honda recently announced a “new model” of the Honda CG125, despite the fact that it has nothing new to offer local buyers. The bike has the same body, motor, tyres, handles, and everything else; the only thing that has been changed is the stickers that are pasted on the fuel tank and side covers.

Some of the alterations to the engine include a slightly altered head and cylinder, a slightly revised combustion chamber design, a new gear-oil pump drive, a new gear timing drive, and reinforced engine mounting points. These improvements may allow the Honda CG125 to perform slightly better than the previous iteration, but the change in performance may be so minor that a layperson would be unable to tell the difference.


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The bike manufacturer has not raised the price of its bikes in a long time, so the CG125 standard and CG125 SE are priced at Rs179,900 and Rs210,900, respectively.