Bollywood singer Yo Yo Honey Singh decided to take a long break from the film and music industry a few years back to deal with alcoholism and depression. Although the singer has always been open about his mental health issues. he recently went on to confess that he also faced bipolar disorder.

In a recent interview, Singh spoke about the reactions he received after his comeback. The singer revealed that his songs were accepted by the people but he was not.

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In an interview with Siddharth Kanan, Yo Yo Honey Singh said, “When I fell ill a lot of things were going on in life. I had the SLAM tour with Shah Rukh Khan. I had worked on a Star Plus project, I chose its name. I designed it for a year. When the show started, a lot of work was there. I was also doing a Punjabi film. A lot of things were happening. When I collapsed, when I had bipolar disorder and psychotic symptoms on set of Raw Star, maine kaha kuch problem hai mere dimaag mein, kuch hogaya hai. Mereko isko theek karne do (I said there is some problem with my brain, something has happened. I want to fix it).”


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He continued, “Mujhe kuch nahi karna, mujhe isko theek karna hai (I don’t want to do anything else, I just want to work on this). It took me five years and I got better. Then, I wanted to make music. But I told my mother, ‘I’m unable to do anything’. She told me, ‘You started as a music producer, start writing beats’.

“I was making a comeback. Then, my songs became hits but I was facing failures. Mota tha, logo ne kaha, ‘Yeh woh look nahi hai, woh comeback nahi horaha’. Gaana hit horaha tha but mujhe accept nahi karahe the log (I was fat, people said, this isn’t the look, the comeback isn’t happening’. The songs were hits but people were not accepting me),” added the singer.