Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif has appointed seven more Special Assistants to the PM (SAPMs) on pro bono basis, as the federal cabinet swells to 85.

As per details, the PM has appointed five new SAPMs including Members of National Assembly Rao Ajmal, Shaista Parvez, Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh, Muhammad Hamid Hameed, Malik Sohail Khan, Chaudhary Abid Raza and Muhammad Moeen Wattoo.


Criticising the PM’s decision, PTI leader Farrukh Habib remarked that the government was close to making a century of cabinet members.

The newly appointed SAPMs will enjoy the status of ministers of state, however they have not been assigned any portfolios yet.

Of the 85 cabinet members, 34 are federal ministers, seven are ministers of state, and there are four advisers to the PM and 40 SAPMs.

Besides the long list of federal cabinet members, 38 parliamentary secretaries in the National Assembly answer questions on behalf of the ministers in their absence.