Billionaire make-up mogul Huda Kattan has urged people to stop using photoshop and look beyond unrealistic beauty standards by sharing an over-edited version of a picture from the campaign of her newly launched beauty line GloWish to show what the picture would have looked like after editing.

“We’ve had ENOUGH of the over-editing, photoshop and not showing enough realness!!! So we thought we’d look in the mirror and start with ourselves,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

“Here is a not so, ‘perfect’ photo from our GloWish campaign shoot and I thought it would be really interesting to show you guys what it would have looked like had we chosen to photoshop and try to sell unrealistic beauty expectations,” she added.



Huda Kattan has launched a third beauty line entitled GloWish which consists of everyday makeup essentials.

Earlier, this year in April she said that she has “had enough” of filters and photo editing, as they have warped modern beauty standards into something “unrealistic”.

In 2018, Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan requested  Zara Shahjahan to not photoshop her pictures from the shoot as she endorses the idea of embracing natural beauty standards.