A woman from Karachi who had alleged that she was raped by three men in Lahore has reportedly withdrawn her case, saying that the First Information Report (FIR) registered on her complaint was a “misunderstanding,” reports Dawn.

The 18-year-old registered an FIR against three suspects on November 28. However, a day later she changed her stance and recorded a statement, saying, “I got the FIR registered against the accused persons due to misunderstanding. No one committed rape with me. I do not want to pursue the FIR and the same may kindly be cancelled.”

After her complaint, Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Usman Buzdar had taken notice of the incident and had also directed officials to arrest the culprits while assuring the victim of justice.


The victim also had declined to get herself medically examined. In her complaint, she said that she used to play Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) during which she befriended a man. According to the complaint, the man asked her to come to Lahore and promised marriage. She arrived in the city on November 23 and the man took her to a local hotel where he raped her for three days. After that, he dropped her off at the train station on November 26 and left.

It is reported that while the woman was waiting at the station, two men approached her and offered a job. She said that the two took her to a house on Sarwar Road where two more men helped them take her into a room. She added that they raped her several times, but eventually she escaped.


Prior to the withdrawal of FIA, the victim had urged authorities to take action against all three men who had raped her.