‘I had a panic attack on live TV after mom’s tribute’: Janhvi Kapoor

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor still grapples with the sudden death of her mother, superstar Sridevi in 2018.

She recently shared a personal experience on the show ‘Mashable India’ hosted by Siddhaarth Aalambayan. She talked about how she suffered a panic attack during a dance show upon watching a tribute for her late mother Sridevi, soon after her death.
Janhvi Kapoor reflected on the challenging time, describing how she was still dealing with the grief and loss when she had to go to promote her Bollywood debut film.


Kapoor shared an experience from her time on a dance reality show. Shortly after her mother passed away, contestants honored her memory with songs, and Kapoor had a panic attack.
Janhvi Kappor said, “I went on a dance show and it was right after the incident.I was promoting Dhadak, and it was all very new. My team was taking care that I don’t get reminded of my mother. I was taken aback when the show surprised me with a tribute to my mother. They played an audio-visual montage of her songs with a heartfelt voiceover, and the children danced in homage. While it was a beautiful gesture, I wasn’t emotionally prepared for it.”

Janhvi also said, “My breathing had stopped. I burst into tears and started wailing. Running from the stage, I made my way to my van. Had a proper panic attack. People were like, ‘Does she really not give a f*?’ they edited out my emotional response and replaced it with a different tape of me smiling and clapping, but it was a far cry from how I was really feeling in that moment. They chose to show something very different from the truth.”