Nazish Jahangir is a firm fan favourite and a popular actress but success has not shielded her from heartbreak. The actress opened up about her personal life in a recent interview.

During the conversation, she confessed that she was once trapped in the illusions of love, which had blinded her.
“When a person falls in love, even a rational person stops thinking with their mind. Everything about the other person seems perfect, but when the heart breaks, understanding dawns,” she said.
She further explained, “I am someone who values truth, so I couldn’t stay in that past love for long. After that experience, I’ve become more practical. Now, I keep my mind and eyes open.”
When asked what she would do if her past love were to return, she replied, “I have moved on and I am sure I won’t have any relationship with someone who has ever broken my heart.”
Nazish Jahangir began her career in 2017 and quickly gained popularity in a short period. She showcased her acting skills in various hit dramas, including ,’Kam Zarf’, ‘Sarab’ and ‘Dil Tanha Tanha’.


At one point, there were rumors about Nazish Jahangir’s relationship with actor and host Mohsin Abbas Haider, but neither of them has openly addressed the speculation.