Actor Hina Dilpazeer is known for her incredible range as a performer in her projects like Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah and Jahez.

The veteran actor appeared on Iffat Omar’s digital show Say It All With Iffat Omar on which the Parey Hut Love star got candid on her personal life. She discussed matters such as her divorce, raising up a son single-handedly, coping up with stress and finding love again.

Hina mentioned that she did love marriage and was smitten by her husband’s good looks, However after a few years of marriage things changed and their differences increased.


Hina stated that her husband divorced her in anger while their son was only 3 years old. After her separation life was hard for the Bulbulay star due to societal stigmas attached her life became very difficult citing an example of how people don’t let a divorcee sit near to a bride especially in 90s.

Later she connected to her own self as she couldn’t share her pain with friends or family members. The talented star started working at a radio station and later switched to television.

She didn’t feel the need to find love again as she was occupied with work and raising up her son.

Hina raised her son on her own after separation and now he is happily married.

hina dilpazeer son wedding
Hina Dilpazeer with her Newly Married Son and Daughter in Law

Earlier veteran Indian actor Anil Kapoor mentioned that he is a fan of Pakistani actress and comedinniene Hina.

Kapoor had said in a statement that Pakistan does not lack talent, if provided platforms then no performances, art or talent can compete with the Pakistani artists, singers, musicians, actors and actresses. Appreciating the Pakistani hub talent he said that the Pakistani drama actress and the sitcom diva Hina has highly impressed him. He called her an ‘Art Diva’.

The 64-year-old actor who launched his own tv series 24 in India at the time said that I consider Hina as an inspirational figure and use her acting to motivate and teach my students at the academy to learn the art of doing different roles of different modes. For a newcomer to do a variety of roles with different modes is not easy, he complimented.