The Insitute of Business Administration (IBA) reinstated Mohammad Gibrail, a student who was expelled by the university administration a week ago for speaking out against the alleged harassment incident on social media.

The decision was taken by IBA’s Executive Director (ED) of the institution S Akbar Zaidi after hearing the appeal against the Disciplinary Committee’s decision, which took place on September 29. Zaidi reinstated Gibrail as a student with immediate effect, as per Geo News.

Jibran Nasir, the lawyer for Gibrail, confirmed that the student had been reinstated. He tweeted, “Congratulations to all students! Gibrail’s admission on appeal to [IBA, ED] has been restored unconditionally,” adding that the ED had also “committed reforms to make IBA safer, give students representation in admin affairs and expeditious and transparent inquiry into the harassment case”.



During the hearing, Gibrail reaffirmed his respect for the IBA and the Executive Director and reportedly withdrew those parts of his appeal which were unrelated to his expulsion.

On August 25, Gibrail had reported the alleged sexual harassment incident on a public Facebook post. He stated, “This was actually the incident of workplace harassment that took place in front of my eyes in IBA’s Finance Department where I saw a person whom, I inquired his identity late, named Tanveer yelled at a female employee of IBA in that Finance Department and burst on her.”

After this, students of IBA started protesting against the administration to take notice of this issue. Despite looking into the matter, IBA’s Disciplinary Committee expelled Gibrail a few days after the incident.