After the match against Sri Lanka, Mohammad Rizwan issued a statement on social media, stating, “This victory is for our brothers and sisters in Gaza,” along with a prayer emoji.

Indian sports journalist Vikrant Gupta did not like Rizwan’s tweet and he questioned the ICC. Vikrant Gupta shared Rizwan’s statement on social media and wrote, “Isn’t cricketers banned from making political and religious statements during ICC events? I remember Mahendra Singh Dhoni was asked to remove the Army emblem from his gloves during the 2019 World Cup.”

He asked the ICC whether Rizwan was allowed to say what he did.


ICC shut down his question with a simple reply: “It is outside the field of play and the jurisdiction of the ICC. It is up to the individual and their board how they want to use their individual platforms,” the ICC wrote.

It is also worth mentioning here that while many Indian users, including Indian journalists, criticized Rizwan, Pakistani fans appreciated Rizwan’s tweet..

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