The live-action remake of The Lion King has finally hit the cinema after a long, long wait. Two versions of the film were released here in Pakistan – English and Hindi. Some fans took to social media to suggest that an Urdu version of the film should also be released. If that was the case, here’s who we think would be best fit for the characters.

Simba and Mufasa – Shaan Shahid

Considering how dear to Shaan this film is, we decided to give both Simba and Mufasa to him.

Scar – Ali Zafar

It’s the hair.


Nala – Mehwish Hayat

Who better than Mehwish to play the fierce Nala?

Timon – Mani

The resemblance is uncanny.

Pumba – Ahmed Ali Butt

When you think witty, the only person from Pakistan’s film industry who comes to mind is without a doubt Ahmed Ali Butt.

Rafiqi – Nadeem Baig

Nadeem Baig is the perfect grandfatherly figure.