Pakistani-American Muslim actor Saagar Shaikh has given a masterclass to other Hollywood actors on how to remain true to your principles, even when it costs you your livelihood.

The actor was speaking at the ‘Salaam Nerds’ podcast where he spoke about his role as Kamala’s brother, Amir in ‘Ms Marvel’, adding that he was okay with putting his career on the line if it meant speaking up for Palestine.

“I don’t give a f*** if my job is on the line, because I’ll find another one. I’ll become a carpenter if I have to.”


Truly an iconic move, and all of X (formerly Twitter) agrees.

Prominent Hollywood actors are getting dropped by talent agencies or fired from projects for speaking up for Palestine. Hollywood legend Susan Sarandon was dropped by her talent agency after she went viral for attending pro-Palestinian protests, and Jenna Ortega chose to step out of the ‘Scream 7’ franchise after Spyglass Entertainment l fired Melissa Barrera for pro-Palestine posts on social media.