Senior Indian journalist Barkha Dutt shared the pain of losing her father to COVID-19. In an emotional note on Twitter, Barkha Dutt expressed her grief of how she failed in bringing her ailing father back home safe.  

She also acknowledged the hospital staff and everyone who tried their best to help her family in this situation. The last words of her late father rang loudly in her mind, “I’m choking, please give me treatment”


The day her father SP Dutt, was hospitalised, both Barkha and Bahar ( sister of Barkha Dutt ) narrated the difficulties they faced, right from getting an ambulance to oxygen supply issues.

The day she cremated her father, she said in an interview that urgent help must be sent to India for the sake of the world. She also added, “It is a calamity and a crisis of the kind that I have not seen in my adult life.”

The second wave in India has firmly gripped the country. Thousands of families have lost their loved ones due to Covid-19. The hospitals are overwhelmed and there are no beds for patients. Shortage of oxygen has killed far more people than the virus alone.

” I am an upper middle class Indian. I had access to a hospital, “she said in an interview, “most people I am reporting on are dying at the gates of the hospital.”

Actors Farhan Akhtar and Abhishek Bachchan and others tweeted their condolences.