Bipasha being the diva she is will continue to remain unbothered by nay-sayers trying to dim her light.

The 2000’s IT girl and her husband Karan Singh Groven recently announced they became parents for the first time to a baby girl. But ever since the actress made public appearances after the birth of her child, she was ruthlessly criticised by social media trolls due to the weight gained.

Now in an interview with News 18, the ‘Jism’ actress had responded to the bullying with a smirk: “I would like to tell them to please keep trolling. It’s completely fine because I’m not bothered.” Her husband Karan chimed in saying: “As long as they’re watching us, it is okay.”

Bipasha’s daughter Devi, was born through an IVF procedure, and the actress gave a heart tugging revelation three days later that her daughter was born with three holes in her heart. She spoke about how her priorities had completely changed after her daughter’s birth, and was only concerned with Devi’s health:


“Devi’s my number one when it comes to everything and anything. Whether my eyes are open or shut, it’s always her. Every time I step out, I just want to run back home and be with her. Everything in my life now revolves around her… Karan is number three, I’m number two and Devi is number one. As for Karan, not much has changed. Prod him further and he jokes, ‘I’m a slave who used to have one master. Now I’ve two masters and I’m still a slave.’ So, nothing much has changed for me.”

Speaking about her experience of motherhood, the ‘Race’ actress acknowledged that her journey was different from any other normal parent, and said in sharing her experience she hoped other women out there stop shaming themselves to think they’re bad mothers:

“Our journey has been very different from any normal mother-father, it has been a lot tougher than the smile that I have on my face right now. I would not wish this to happen to any mother. For a new mother, when you get to know that… I got to know on the third day of my having a baby that our baby is born with two holes in her heart. I thought I’ll not share this, but I’m sharing this because I feel that there are a lot of mothers, who helped me in this journey, and it was very difficult to find those mothers…”