Model-actor Iman Ali is known for being candid and blunt in her interviews. She often expresses her opinions without filtering them in interviews, which lands her in hot water.

Iman received severe backlash in 2020 when her tongue-in-cheek remarks about industry Pakistani superstars like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed.

Iman released all her inhibitions and swung at every question with casual humour, giving usual rapid fire rounds a run for their money. She even said Humayun Saeed may as well have been a doodh/dahi bechnay wala (milk seller) with his typically Punjabi looks.


When asked about the country’s favourite superstar at the moment, Mahira Khan, Iman had no second guesses. “She should’ve stayed a VJ. She was really good at that and I really liked her at that,” said Iman, chuckling at her own answer.

Iman also made another revelation – she was offered Raees alongside Shah Rukh Khan before Mahira landed the coveted role. “The people who approached me told me it’s a role opposite Shah Rukh, so I asked them to send me the script. I guess they didn’t really like that,” said Iman.

When asked about Fawad Khan, Iman said, “He used to make really stupid jokes on set (they were co-stars in their debut film Khuda Kay Liye) so maybe a failed stand-up comedian.”

fawad iman

During a recent interview with DIVAonline, the Bol star clarified that she was in no way insulting or being insensitive toward Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan when she said that Mahira should’ve stuck to being a VJ and Fawad would’ve been a failed comedian.

According to the Khuda Kay Liye diva, her statement was spread in the wrong light from a throwback video. Now, Iman said that she was only answering the question ‘What career would they have pursued had they not been actors’. 

On the work front, Iman is all set to grace the big screen with the upcoming film Tich Button co-starring Farhan Saeed, Feroze Khan, and Sonya Hussyn.

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