Naeem Panjutha, former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s lawyer, has revealed on Monday details of the conditions in which his client is being incarcerated.

After meeting Khan in Attock district jail, the lawyer said that the behaviour of the jail administration was not satisfactory. He said that Imran Khan is living in a very small jail cell, while the washroom has no shower.

Naeem Panjutha stated that Imran Khan has been kept in a very unhygienic and suffocating environment. However, Imran Khan was happy with PTI’s victory in Peshawar against JUI-F, the lawyer narrated.


“Imran Khan’s morale was high,” Panjutha told media personnel outside the jail.

“If they keep me in more severe condition than this, I’m ready for this too,” Khan reportedly told his lawyer.

Imran Khan gave a message to the nation from the Jail through his lawyer: “I will not bow down”.

According to PTI, the police ransacked and tortured the staff in Bani Gala while attempting to arrest Imran Khan. It is also mentioned by the PTI that while arresting Imran Khan, the policeman said “Chal Saday Nal” and “Kapra Pao Aeday mun ty”.