Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan’s former aide Maulana Tahir Ashrafi confirmed the authenticity of the latest audio leak of Khan and his party members discussing cipher in a meeting.

While on the Geo News’ programme Jirga, Ashrafi, referring to the second audio leak, said, “Mei meeting mei mein majood tha”. (I was present in the meeting too)

Ashrafi was a special representative to the former PM on religious harmony.


Ashrafi also confirmed that the former PM told the participants of the meeting that they would call it a letter instead of cipher, reports Geo News.

The former PM said he would not like anyone to name the US while talking about the regime change conspiracy, but then he himself named the US impulsively, Ashrafi remarked.

The former aide also added that Khan’s five cabinet members should tell on oath if they were sure of the US regime change conspiracy against their government.

How could a Grade-22 officer dare say he would change the cipher, asked Ashrafi.

Ashrafi also revealed that Khan said he had a “terrific thing”, and he would play with it.

What is in the audio leaks?

In the first audio leak, Khan can be heard telling his then principal secretary Azam Khan about cipher, “Khelna hai is ke uper” (We will play on this)

In the second audio leak, Imran Khan directed his close aides not to take America’s name while talking about the US cipher in public. He also insisted on using the word “letter” instead of cipher, because according to him “People wouldn’t have understood the word transcript if you say things like this in your jalsa.”