A plane carrying Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan escaped an accident. Khan was en route to Gujranwala for his jalsa from Chaklala.

Khan was set to travel on a private plane when some technical problem was detected.

According to media reports, the former prime minister couldn’t travel because of the weather situation as well.


After the incident, Khan had to travel by road for his jalsa.

The news was confirmed by PTI’s Salman Ahmad. He said that a technical fault was discovered in time.

“We are extraordinarily lucky that Imran Khan plane’s technical fault was discovered in time before it took off,” he tweeted.


A day earlier, Khan announced that he would share the “next critical phase” of his party’s “Haqiqi Azadi movement” during his Gujranwala rally on Saturday.