Mufti Saeed, who solemnised the nikkah of former Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan and his third wife Bushra Bibi, has told a court in Islamabad that Khan told him that there was a prediction that if he married Bushra Bibi, he would become the prime minister.

Stating that he solemnised their nikkah on January 1, 2018, Muft Saeed said that later Khan himself told him the first nikkah was illegal as per Islamic law, and asked him to perform the ceremony again.

When the first nikkah took place, Khan took Mufti Saeed, a former close associate, to a house in Lahore where he met a woman who identified herself as Bushra Bibi’s sister. Saeed claimed that he asked the woman if Bushra bibi’s nikkah could be solemnised as per Shariah, to which she said yes.


On the woman’s assurance, Mufti Saeed carried on with the formalities. But later in February of the same year, Khan requested him to conduct another nikkah with Bushra on the pretext that the first time her iddat had not been completed.

Iddat is a period in Islamic law where either after being widowed or getting divorced, a Muslim woman may not marry another man. Once the stipulated period is over, she can marry whoever she wants to.

Mufti Saeed said Khan claimed that Bushra Bibi got divorced in November 2017, hence, according to Mufti, they both got married knowing all the facts, yet went ahead with the nikkah. He also stated that their marriage is “illegal”.