Actor and model Imran Ashraf, host of ‘Mazaq Raat Season 2’, invited Sarwat Gilani as a guest on his show. During the episode, Imran had a sweet interaction with a special child in the audience who has Down Syndrome.

She became Imran’s fan after she watched his drama ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.’ Imran invited her on stage so they could meet, and it was a heartwarming moment.
Her mother came on stage to help interpret what she was saying. The host then asked, “What do you like, Zona?” The girl replied, “You look very lovely.”

She requested that Imran Ashraf say the famous line of the Bhola character, ‘Mazay mazay,’ and he fulfilled her request.
She talked to all the other members of the show and even invited them for a meal.
In the end, Imran said, “May Allah keep you happy, you are very dear, I have never seen such lovely eyes as yours.”