Peshawar High Court has directed authorities in the province to establish a separate queue for transgender voters in PK-81 from where trans rights activist Sobia Khan is contesting elections as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s first transgender individual participating in general polls.

The court’s verdict highlighted the absence of specific documents for the transgender quota, as no such provision currently exists. Additionally, the court-mandated security measures for transgender candidate Subiya during the general elections, where she is running independently in PK-81.

Who is Sobia Khan?


Sobia is hailing from Peshawar and she has filed nomination papers for the provincial assembly seat from constituency PK-81. She is running her campaign as an independent candidate.

Notably, Sobia Khan, a graduate and the first transgender broadcaster in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been hosting TNN’s “Sobiya Khan Show” for the past four years.

Sobia welcomed the court ruling. Talking to Tribal News Network, Sobia detailed her broader goals, aiming not only to champion transgender rights but also to challenge societal perceptions. She aspires to work for the welfare of the constituency, particularly focusing on the rights of women and children, breaking stereotypes about the capabilities of transgenders.

Sobia Khan, backed by her family and local support, appealed to NGOs, civil society, and the district administration for assistance in her election campaign. Acknowledging the unprecedented nature of a transgender participating directly in elections, she stressed the need for security during her campaign.