As of late, Sunday nights seem to be incomplete without a dose of drama and emotion courtesy Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay (HKKST). The drama has captivated audiences becoming perhaps one of the most discussed dramas of the year – scroll through any social media platform and you are bound to see at least a few posts on it. Besides bringing together a string of phenomenal actors including Mahira Khan, Kubra Khan, Usman Mukhtar, Huma Nawab, Ali Tahir, Laila Wasti and Zainab Qayyum among others, the drama’s script has been penned by the legendary Umera Ahmed with Farooq Rind behind the camera and Nina Kashif and Momina Duraid on the producers’ seat – in short, a dream team.

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Ten episodes of the drama have aired so far, and we are fully immersed into the story. The creators fortunately did not spend too many episodes setting the stage and killed one of the leads and sent another to jail in just the ninth episode leaving shocked audiences with the question: was Mashal’s death a suicide or accidental?


For the unacquainted, HKKST revolves around three cousins Mehreen (Mahira Khan), Mashal (Kubra Khan) and Aswad (Usman Mukhtar). Mehreen, despite her troubled childhood, is a star child always on top of everything, getting good grades and engaging in extracurriculars. Mashal, on the other hand, is an average student and is pushed by her mother Shagufta (Zainab Qayyum) to become more like Mehreen. As a result, the two cousins grow up hating each other and their rivalry intensifies when Mashal decides that she wants to marry Aswad, whose mother Saleha wants him to marry Mehreen. Eventually after a whole lot of drama, Aswad and Mehreen get engaged and are set to marry when Mashal mysteriously dies and Mehreen is accused of killing her. The creators have not yet revealed whether Mashal died by suicide or if she was killed.

The latest episode sees Mehreen still behind bars in her kaala jora though interestingly her hair is fresh as ever. Initially, no one from her family comes to visit her yet, including her mother (Laila Wasti), Khala and fiancé. The first person to come to Mehreen’s rescue is Safwan (Haroon Shahid) who not only arranged a lawyer but also helped Mehreen secure bail. Meanwhile, Aswad later turns up only to berate Mehreen and tell her that their engagement is off. It is understandable to an extent, that Aswad is also battling a turmoil of emotions, there is still no reason for him to be so insufferable towards Mehreen.

Episode ten did not move so much in terms of the story but there were a series of emotionally charged scenes which did make you shed a tear or two including the one of Safwan and Mehreen, Saleha Khala and Mehreen and Shagufta remembering her late daughter. Safwan and Mehreen’s scene was perhaps the most endearing of the three and all I want to say at this point is that in a world full of Aswads, be a Safwan. “Main tum say poochnay aaya hoon keh main kya kar sakta hoon?” was without a doubt the highlight of the entire episode. Sigh! The background music has been beautifully weaved into the scenes adding more depth to them.

Moreso, they have been beautifully enacted by the lead and supporting cast who have given phenomenal performances from day one – whether it was Kubra as the slightly psychotic Mashal or Mahira as Mehreen, each actor has brought forward their A-game making the drama such a treat to watch. A huge shoutout to Usman, who has wonderfully portrayed Aswad making everyone, and their mother hate him.

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Meanwhile, what is missing from the drama is basic logic. I understand that at the end of the day HKKST is a drama, and everything is fictious, but is it too much to ask for from the creators to sprinkle in a bit of realism? Considering that Mehreen has been jailed for murder, there seems to be no court involved or even a charge sheet. Investigation into the incident seems to be limited to the police officer (Khalid Malik) either listening to Mehreen repeatedly say “Mainay Mashal ko nahi maara (I did not kill Mashal)” or eavesdropping on her conversations with those who visit her in prison. Mehreen’s uncle (Mamu) is pushing him to hang his niece for killing his daughter without any a shroud of evidence. The legal system is completely absent, and all characters appear to be doing everything at their own discretion. The one person who exactly knows what went down is Shabo and we all now have to wait for her to spill the truth. Till then, it’s going to be a whole lotta drama and rona dhona.