Actor Haroon Shahid took to Instagram to reveal that his inbox is flooded with messages by fans, telling him that yet again his character has been dumped by the female protagonist. The fans referred to the latest episode of Mahira Khan starrer Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

Soon after the episode aired, the actor’s social media was bombarded with DMs and comments stating, “Again you didn’t get the girl”.

Haroon shared a fan-made video, saying: “Again you didn’t get the girl say mera inbox bhara hua hai. Jiss nay yeah video banaai hai, woh mera gham samajhta hai.”


A loyal fan even went on to make an emotional compilation of scenes from Haroon’s projects and titled it, ‘Justice for Haroon’s characters’.

The netizen listed dramas like Khaas (Sanam Baloch), Do Bol (Hira Mani), Muqaddar (Madiha Imam), Qayamat (Neelum Muneer), Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay (Mahira Khan), in which the character played by Haroon is never chosen by his love interest.

The Do Bol star tweeted that, “Someday I’m going to play such an evil role that I’ll kill everyone in the play (except) for the leading lady. I think that’s my best chance of ending up with the ‘girl’ in a drama!”

The Khaas actor also cleared the air regarding his character’s name in the novel.