These last two days will probably go down in history as the only time Pakistan and India combined forces to take on the urgent matter of Bollywood taking up classics and destroying them.

On Monday, T-Series released their own version of Coke Studio’s massive global hit ‘Pasoori’, giving credit solely to Ali Sethi, excluding Shae Gill and Xulfi even though they had an equal part to play in making the song what it is today.

The new version is sung by Arijit Singh, and even though for Pakistanis it’s like kisi ne dil par pathar mara hai, across the border the verdict has been announced: they can’t feel the new version either.


Jo bacha ab Pakistan Studies agay ja kar parhay ga, it wasn’t peace talks or Fawad Khan’s smolder that got India and Pakistan to unite, it was the utterly incompetent T-Series.

It’s confusing for us as well

Mubarakien maybe Pasoori can be called the song that finally united India and Pakistan together.