We know y’all were incredibly dissapointed by the lackluster effort that was ICC’s cricket anthem ‘Dil Jashne Bol’ but fear not, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is here to save the day with the absolute banger that is ‘Koi Nahi Like Us’ featuring Young Stunners, QB, HYDR and AHSAN. The verdict is out: cricket ka to pata nahin but we lead the race when it comes to good cricket anthems.

One user on Twitter wrote: “Whether we win or not, Anthem toh winner hai. You’re lying if you didn’t have a blast seeing all the cameos, especially the fan who danced to Atif’s anthem. A HUNDRED points for the cat cameo!”

Take a page out of our book ICC on how to create hype around cricket events


“The chorus and beat are quite catchy! The video is absolutely amazing with stunning aesthetics, and the lyrics are so relevant! Far better than the song released by ICC,” another user wrote.

Many Twitter users were hyped by the appearance of cricket star Naseem Shah in the music video