Apple is expected to release iPhone 15 units manufactured in India for sale in India and other countries. This means that we might also see these made in India iPhones in Pakistan, as Pakistani mobile sellers import iPhones from various countries like China, Japan, Hong Kong, and the US. While these Indian-made iPhones may not arrive in Pakistan directly from India, they are likely to become available as they enter international markets.

Unfortunately, there are no official Apple stores in Pakistan, and there are limited authorised Apple product sellers. It remains uncertain how many iPhones made in India will be available in Pakistan in the future, but as Indian iPhone production increases, we can expect to see more of them.

Although the majority of iPhone 15 units will still come from China, Apple’s efforts to scale production in India are making progress, reducing its reliance on Chinese manufacturing. Apple began assembling previous iPhone generations in India in 2017 and has been producing flagship iPhones there since 2020. The company aims to increase its production in India from 7 per cent to 25 per cent by 2025. However, there may still be some delays due to logistical challenges.


Closing the production gap between China and India is crucial for Apple, as it provides a reliable manufacturing alternative and helps the company comply with India’s Make in India law to avoid steep tariffs. This move also aligns with Apple’s strategy to navigate geopolitical issues and local labour disputes.

Given recent Chinese nationalism, which encourages the use of domestic brands like Huawei, this shift in production location is timely. Despite their high cost and the requirement for PTA approval in Pakistan, Apple iPhones remain popular among those who can afford them.