The Indian cricket Board wants to change the format of the Cricket World Cup 2027.

According to the Daily Mail, India wants the World Cup the have 10 teams in 2027, for which the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is putting pressure on the International Cricket Council (ICC). However, ICC has not yet agreed to the Indian demand.

According to the report, ICC confirmed the 14-team World Cup in 2027 two years ago, while ICC has also sold broadcasting rights based on the tournament format.


The 2027 ICC Men’s ODI World Cup will be played in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia, with 54 matches between 14 teams.

BCCI is adamant that 10 teams will participate in the World Cup, and intends to take up the issue during the upcoming ICC meetings.

According to media reports, 14 teams means that there will be two groups of seven teams each, while the top 3 teams from each group will qualify for the Super Six stage, followed by the semi-finals and final.

With the inclusion of 14 teams, there will be more matches, but Indian broadcasters are afraid that in such a format, if India departs the World Cup soon, their viewership may decrease, leading to financial loss.