Indian TV actor Vivian Dsena, who announced his conversion to Islam in 2019, has explained why Ramazan is important to him, narrating that he’s been fasting for the entire month for six years now.

The actor said, ‚ÄúRamadan is very special to me because I embraced Islam during this month. This year is my sixth Ramadan, and by God’s grace, I’ve been fasting every year. Fasting for the whole month is important in Islam, it’s one of the five main things we do. I fast for 30 days unless I have a reason like being sick, then I can skip a day.” he explained.

Dsena added, “At first, I was really worried about fasting, especially since water and coffee are important for me. Even my family and friends wondered how I could go without water or caffeine for 13 or 14 hours. But God has been kind to me, and fasting has been going quite smoothly.”
The actor spends Ramazan with his family in Bahrain where he enjoys Iftar meals, especially the ones his wife cooks at home. His favorite Middle Eastern desserts are Basbousa and Kunafa.
Vivian Dsena had confirmed his marriage to Nouran Aly when he announced he accepted Islam. They have a daughter who is one year old.