Pakistani TV shows are getting more and more popular worldwide, and especially across the border in India. All our hit shows are not just avidly followed here but also across the border. Indian TV channels and media might just be fretting that their own shows aren’t as popular as they used to be.
Indian actor Sushant Singh recently talked to the media about this. “Our neighbouring country, Pakistan, who we usually see as our enemy, is making amazing TV shows. Just look at their shows and then look at ours. What are we giving to the people? Why are we making low-quality shows? When people criticize our shows, why aren’t we trying to improve? Are we going to keep making the same kind of shows? What message are we sending to actors and viewers — to watch our shows or to stop watching because we won’t change? Don’t we want to get better? We’ve made great shows despite tough conditions, and we should keep striving for better quality,” he said.

He also stressed the importance of actors’ voices being heard.