A video of an Indian TV debate on Ukraine went viral after the host berated a guest live on air for more than a minute before realising he was shouting at the wrong person.

The clip shows Rahul Shivshankar, Indian television anchor for the Indian news channel Times Now, scolding Bohdan Nahaylo, the chief editor of Ukraine’s English-language newspaper Kyiv Post.

In the video, Shivshankar confuses Nahaylo with Daniel McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, who was the other panellist on his show.


The viral clip shows Shivshankar telling “Daniel McAdams” to “just take a bit of a chill pill”, before launching into his rebuke and telling him to “relax”. Nahaylo hits back by saying he doesn’t want to because “my country is at war”. The Indian anchor goes on a tirade for a few minutes and is finally told loud and clear by the guest Daniel McAdams that the anchor is yelling at the wrong person

The confusion has led to a meme fest on social media: