The father of a divorced daughter in Jharkhand, India, Prem Gupta broke away from all the norms and welcomed back his daughter with a grand procession similar to that of a ‘baraat’. In a viral video of the event, women can be seen chanting and welcoming the daughter with open arms. The beat of a drum follows her as she greets everyone.

Mr. Gupta posted the video himself with a caption that stated, “When your daughter’s marriage is done with great pomp and show and if the spouse and family turns out to be wrong or does wrong things then you should bring your daughter back to your home with respect and honour because daughters are very precious.”

As per the details, Sakshi Gupta got married to Sachin Kumar in April. A few days into the marriage she found out that the man was already married twice and that there allegations of harassment were filed against him. Divorce was filed with an alimony of INR 17 lakh that Gupta gave to her in-laws at the time of wedding is to be paid back to her. Sakshi is happy to have such supportive parents and Mr.Gupta has set an example to shatter the stigma around divorce.