The new camera technology on the iPhone 14 Pro seems to have caught many well-known third-party apps off guard. Some owners of the iPhone 14 Pro report being unable to take photos and videos using third-party applications like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. The “Pro” camera in latest iPhones is having issues, which include shaking, rattling, and sometimes producing loud noises.

Users of the iPhone 14 Pro who are troubled by these problems have posted on Twitter and Reddit.

According to a commenter on Reddit:


“I’ve been experiencing my camera shaking uncontrollably whenever I open Snapchat or use the camera for Instagram. However, I don’t run into any issues when I use the regular camera app.”

Other users have also complained about the annoying noise the iPhone’s camera makes when they try to run third-party apps on their glitzy and expensive iPhone 14 Pro.

Another Reddit user wrote, “My iPhone 14 Pro just arrived and when I launched Snapchat, the camera was shaking a lot and produced a really odd mechanical noise.”

In response, several users said that they had experienced identical issues with TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. There are also a few videos online that demonstrate this issue. In the videos, the physical camera module of the iPhone 14 Pro is also audibly making some type of grinding or rattling noise, and you can see the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera wobbling in the third-party apps.

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How a tech behemoth like Apple could be so irresponsible as to ignore checking the first batch of units sold seems weird. This is unquestionably a significant mistake that will make iPhone buyers regret their decision of buying the new iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple is expected to deliver the finest and most dependable products, therefore this is a big letdown for Apple fans.