Iqra Aziz recently explained why she ended up using a wedding dress similar to her co-star Saboor Ali’s in the drama ‘Manat Murad.’

Iqra Aziz appeared as a guest on a talk show where she spoke about the controversy surrounding the copy of Saboor Ali’s wedding dress. “Actually, we wanted a traditional dress to shoot the wedding scene in the drama as it was the director’s demand but we couldn’t find any traditional dress despite trying hard. So the director showed me the picture of the couple after a little research. On doing this I found out that this is a pair designed by Faiza Saqlain.”

The actress said that they approached Faiza Saqlain. “We couldn’t change the dress completely, so I kept the dupatta and gharara same and requested her to change the shirt of the dress.”
“With this dress, we also kept the jewelery simple and traditional,” she added.
Iqra Aziz said, “I designed my entire bridal look for the play myself. I won’t say I copied it but my look was really inspired by Saboor Ali’s wedding look because she wore it at her wedding. She looked very beautiful and I wanted to look as beautiful as her in the drama.


“But my dramatic bridal look was inspired by Saboor Ali’s wedding look and the outfit I wore was not technically Saboor Ali’s but I got it from a designer, I didn’t know that. It would have become a big problem otherwise I would have asked Saboor Ali before shooting because I am one of those people who care about others’ happiness.”