Iqra University Islamabad has denied association with its former director Rizwan Barri. 

The Current has received an official email from Iqra University in which they denied any connection with Barri. 

The university has claimed that Barri procured his appointment at Iqra University on 11 October, 2022 through “fraud and misrepresentation” based on fake educational documents and degrees. Five months later, on March 10, 2023, he was terminated from the university. They claim that the on-going case pertains to conduct committed in his personal capacity and has nothing to do with Iqra Univeristy.


On August 20, however, 24 News, Jang News, and PNN reported the case and referred to Rizwan Barri as the director of Iqra University. It was reported that he was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on charges of harassing female students.

As per FIA sources, Barri had made an email address as well as social media accounts in the name of a girl. By pretending to be a girl on social media, he sent objectionable content to several people.

The case was registered under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) Act and further investigations were underway.

Source: PNN

According to PNN news, Director Rizwan Bari had harassed more than 70 female students and resultantly, some girls left their degree midway due to the constant blackmail. Despite these cases, Barri continued to work there.

When asked about Barri’s exact job description during his appointment at Iqra University, the university refused to provide the information.