Islamabad’s mushrooming restaurant scene comes in small areas. The market at E-7 is home to a few different restaurants: a burger joint, steaks, the food of Hunza and Mithas, a restaurant that serves pretty much everything.

As The Current’s food reviewer, when they came to Islamabad to interview me, it made sense to do it over food. We walked around, checking out a few restaurants, and settled on trying out the breakfast menu of Islamabad’s Mithas.

Mithas is an Italian restaurant but like most restaurants in Pakistan, it has a mixed menu of different cuisines.


We sat outside the rather large space, on a sunny Islamabad afternoon. Even though the table was shaky, which can be rather annoying, as if you’re eating at sea, the server was friendly and helpful. We ordered the eggs and a Chicken Tarragon.

Spinach Feta omelette

It is incredibly difficult to get a souffle omelette right. Mithas came incredibly close with their Spinach and Feta souffle omelette. It was baked to perfection but the cheese was decidedly feta but most likely a mozzarella. Even though it looked perfect, it tasted a little dry. But getting this is one is so tricky that it was a good attempt.

The hash browns and sausage could’ve easily been taken off the plate. The hash browns were tasteless and the sausage was overcooked and chewy and five pieces of white bread were too much.

Scrambled eggs on toast

The scrambled eggs were a strong creamy blend of ease and the toast they were served on was a perfect compliment. I wondered if they were making their own bread but this one in excellent option.

I was a little confused with the Chicken Tarragon. Fresh tarragon is incredibly difficult to find in Pakistan and this was made using a dried form of the herb, which is why the taste didn’t really come through. The sauce was thick – a little too much – but it covered the chicken nicely. A good option at the restaurant but not the best.

Chicken Tarragon

Mithas is a good addition to Islamabad’s food scene and we sat there for a few hours nursing our coffee and having a good chat in true Islamabad feel.