Child star Aina Asif was a guest on ‘Mazaaq Raat’ where an audience member asked her about the controversial ending of the drama ‘Mayi-Ri’. The serial centered around the forceful marriage of a 15-year-old girl to her cousin, and the birth of their daughter. The drama’s ending divided opinions when Ainy divorces Fakhir, decides to live with her single mother to raise her daughter and completes her education.

The ending was applauded by some users for showing divorce as something that empowers a woman rather than shameful, with Ainy choosing to live her life on her own terms. While other users slammed the show-makers for ‘glamorising divorce’.

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Aina defended the scene as something that was necessary to depict in order for audiences to fully understand why child marriage is wrong. “There could have been a different ending, but we have to emphasise that child marriage is wrong. We were trying to show that.”

Aina further stressed the drama’s characters Ainy and Fakhir were good for each other but their timing was wrong, hence they had to part ways.

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