Famous Pakistani host and actor, Iffat Omar has clarified what she meant by a comment, which was severely criticised by netizens from across the border on Friday. The actor mistakenly wrote “wow” on an Indian portal post which announced the death of veteran Bollywood actor Surekha Sikri.

Elle India took to Instagram to announce Sikri’s demise. The actress passed away at the age of 75 after suffering a cardiac arrest. She had also survived two strokes in the last three years. Surekha Sikri was one of the most prominent names in the Indian cinema and television industry.

Omar commented on the post, saying: “Wow wow wow,” with a ‘fire emoticon’ which caused an uproar in India, with many people calling it insensitive.


Iffat clarified that her comment, “It was just a mistake, I just saw the picture and found it so graceful that immediately commented and as soon I realised I apologised,” said Omar while exclusively talking to The Current. She had not realised or read that the Bollywood actor had passed away.

The Family Front actor also shared the screenshot of her clarification comment with us in which she wrote: “(Oh My God) OMG just read the post. RIP (Rest In Peace) remember her since Bunyad days.”

While the majority called her out, a few mentioned how this could be a misunderstanding, and the actor might have shared a comment without reading the caption.