Among the many public figures who are speaking out against the genocide in Gaza, is acclaimed makeup artist Ariel Tejada, known for working with the Kardashian family, especially Kim Kardashian.

Tejada has a history of collaborating with the Kardashian sisters, especially being known as Kylie Jenner’s go-to makeup artist. The Kardashian family publicly announced their support for Israel, while Kim was slammed on social media for the costumes her children wore on Halloween, with many saying they mocked the injured children of Gaza.

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Tejada uploaded a reel where he was singing ‘Depression get the best of me’ by Zevia and wrote why he could relate to the song at this moment:

“This very specific part of this song has been hitting home more than ever. With the genocide/ ethnic cleansing happening with the people of Palestine, I cannot even begin to imagine the grief , and the feeling of hopelessness and sadness, and fright these people feel right now.

My heart is with every Mother who has lost their baby,

Every friend whose lost their person to confide in.

And all the little babies/ kids and innocent lives that have been taken through the immense mass killing and brutality. My heart is with all of you! And I will continue to do my part in helping to use my platform and my voice! To make sure your story is heard! May God be with all of you.”

In the caption of the post Ariel wrote:

“I’m hopeful that if we all continue to use our voices, we can make a difference for the people of Palestine and all of humanity! Don’t stop posting and spreading the word and horrific images of what’s going on to wake people up! #ceasefire #freepalestine.”

On his Instagram stories, Ariel criticised the occupation by Israeli forces as an agenda to take over Gaza rather than destroying Hamas:

“It was never about Hamas. Anyone that wants to use that as their argument to try and sway my stance, please refrain from speaking to me. Save the bullshit for someone else. 1.5 million people displaced from their homes. This is insane.”

Ariel shared another post highlighting that more blood was spilt in Gaza than there is clean water for civilians. In the caption he wrote: “Let that sit with you.”