TikTok’s most-followed star Jannat Mirza, in a recent interactive session with her fans, revealed that she is moving to Japan. Mirza had recently posted a picture of herself in Tokyo, Japan on Instagram, prompting fans to ask this question.

When a follower asked Mirza if she is moving to Japan, the TikTokers replied: “Jee“.

Later when someone asked why she is moving, Jannat said that though Pakistan is “very nice’, the people of Pakistan and their mentality is not. Jannat also posted a story of Komal Aziz Khan in which the actor was criticised for wearing modern clothes abroad.


While Jannat said that she is moving to Japan, she also shared that she will be coming back to Pakistan in November. According to details, Jannat will be returning to work on a film with renowned Pakistani Director Syed Noor.

Mirza was also asked questions on TikTok and the ban on it, to which she replied that the ban will be lifted soon.

Jannat was also asked some personal questions. When a follower commented that she should marry fellow TikTok star Umer Butt, who has been a regular feature in her videos, Jannat replied that she would “rather die” than marry him. Jannat further said that she is not in love with anyone.