TikToker Jannat Mirza blasted veteran actress, Bushra Ansari for calling her ‘Jahil’, after a post of hers disrespecting the Christianity symbol circulated on the web.

Jannat uploaded a video where she was wearing an accessory that she received in a PR package. According to Jannat, the package consisted of a piece that had a cross sign and butterflies on it. According to her, when she shot her videos, she didn’t notice it. However, once she uploaded the video, she found out about it through the comment section. As soon as she realised the seriousness of the matter, she removed the videos and apologised for her unintentional mistake on her Instagram handle.

“To my Christian fans & friends, I am really sorry i didn’t notice the chain at all. I heartedly apologise to all of you. Please accept it,” said Jannat in her Instagram story.


Mirza also admitted that she does not feel any shame in apologising. Since she was at fault, she accepted it and sincerely apologised for it. She hoped that her fans will forgive her and not hold a grudge.

This Jannat Christian locket incident was noticed by senior actress Bushra Ansari who expressed her opinion regarding the entire issue, saying: “Aik dur fitty mun to banta hay in jahil stars par. Afsos Islam ka pata na kisi aur religion ka.

This flared up Jannat’s close friend and TikToker Umer Butt as well. He took to his Instagram stories to addressed Ansari’s comments.

Butt referred Ansari as “Amma Jee” and demanded that the veteran actress should apologise to the TikToker for her harsh comments.

Referring to Mirza’s apology earlier, he elaborated that since she made a mistake and apologised, Ansari needs to do the same for hurting Jannat’s sentiments. He hoped that Ansari would understand and do it soon.

To support Jannat against Ansari over the Christian locket controversy, the TikToker’s sister Alishbah Anjum also took to her Instagram stories by directly addressing Ansari.

She took a sarcastic tone as she addressed her argument regarding Islam and ridiculed Ansari for being more Islamic. She also dubbed Ansari as someone to whom people look up to so she should avoid such statements. She then went on to share her two cents on what Islam allows and what it prohibits.

Jannat also addressed Ansari and the Christian locket controversy.

This isn’t the first time Mirza has used titles like Amma Jee to address someone she was feuding with. A while ago Mirza got caught up with Waqar Zaka and she addressed him as uncle to which Zaka responded by terming her Chachee Lasori.

Meanwhile, Mirza also requested that Ansari focus on her own actions instead of the Christian locket issue, before critiquing someone else. She also shared her anger towards Ansari for wishing death upon her faming and verbally abusing her.

She then went on to reshare the apology that she had posted after promoting the chain with the cross on it.

Mirza explained that she is familiar with the importance of the cross for the Christian community and she respects it. She just didn’t notice it. She apologised once again.

Bushra Ansari later responded to the criticism of the TikTokers on Instagram, saying: “Afsos! For everything going around us. I just saw the picture and instantly got emotional about the disgrace to minorities. Without seeing or knowing that it was Jannat Mirza’s unintentional mistake and she had already apologised.”

“I saw it late and just conveyed that Islam teaches to respect other religions too. This was the point. And seriously telling you I didn’t even know her name. But when I saw people’s comments that she said sorry, I instantly deleted the post. So, kids behave yourself. It was a confusion exactly like she did that without realising it. I’m not teaching Islam. But we have to be just humans and respect humanity. Young kids are going to live and enjoy this life longer than us but you have to respect your elders, even if they scold you for your mistakes,” she added.