Inspector General Police, Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar has claimed that no incident like Jaranwala and Sargodha will happen in Punjab again, asserting that the police have “broken the network” of a foreign intelligence agency and the two incidents were “a conspiracy against Pakistan”.

Punjab Police has uploaded a 4-minute long video on X (formerly Twitter) in which Dr. Usman Anwar explains in detail what led to the two gruesome incidents. He is apparently referring to human rights organisations.

He pointed out that Christian women were treated badly in the neighbouring country and as a result, a resolution was presented in the European Union condemning the atrocities on Muslims and Christians. Concerns were also raised in North America.


This was followed by a series of strange incidents like the Jaranwala tragedy and then the desecration of the Holy Quran and conspiracy to harm the minority communities by inciting people started taking place — all to divert the world’s attention.

“We need to understand this conspiracy and thwart it. More than 2500 police personnel in plain clothes have been deployed to suppress the evil elements, and such elements will be dealt with iron hands.”

He also added: “We will not let pakistan become a scapegoat for the great injustice that was done across the border”
IG Punjab has not named any country or intelligence agency as of yet but he assures he will “not let attention be diverted from the rapes and deaths and human rights violations” in Pakistan.