Javeria Saud has rejected Salma Zafar’s “baseless allegations and derogatory remarks against the Saud family” and has announced that she will be taking legal action against the actor. Salma had accused Saud’s production company JJS Productions of fraud and non-payment.

In a statement, Saud said: “JJS Productions have exercised their legal rights and their lawyer initiated legal actions against Ms Salma Zafar for her baseless allegations and derogatory remarks against the Saud family.”

The statement added that the production company will also take legal action against those who shared Zafar’s video without verification.


“They are also exercising the same right against people who have shared the said video without verification, as per Cyber Crime Criminal Laws of Pakistan,” read the statement.

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Veteran actor Salma Zafar, in an Instagram live session, had accused Javeria and her husband Saud Qasmi of not paying her and multiple others. She added that the couple also mistreated their staff.

Salma Zafar

Salma had said she considered Javeria as her daughter and worked in the couple’s production house for years. However, they treated her badly and refused to pay her her dues.

“When I sent a message to Javeria asking for my money of ten million rupees (Rs 1 crore) she blocked me”, said the actor.

Later, actor Sherry Shah also came forward and levelled the same accusations against Javeria and Saud. In a video posted to social media, Shah says that JJS Productions owes her approximately Rs 90 lakhs. She said that she had been a part of JJS Production’s projects for many years and had done two projects with them.

Sherry Shah

“I saw Salma Zafar’s video and I can completely understand her pain because I went through the same ordeal,” says Shah, adding that it is time to share the truth. She also said that she has sent an official legal notice to the production house through her lawyer.

“During this time period of six to seven years, I suffered a lot,” stated Shah. “My hard-earned money which was very important to me was not given. I am not saying that I have entirely been not paid, they have given me small amounts and the highest I remember they paid me was 3.5 lacs [and] they owe me almost 1 crore,” she said.

“We didn’t even sign a contract because you were my friend, Saud Bhai,” said Shah. “We had a brother and sister relation, but was I only your sister till the time I quietly worked for you? Did the relationship end the moment I demanded my money?”

Shah requested Saud to clear his dues and close the chapter gracefully.