Five months after testing positive for COVID-19 for the first time, Jawad Ahmad has tested positive for the virus again.

Sharing the news on social media, Ahmad said: “I contracted COVID again. Don’t know if I’ll survive or not.”

The singer-turned-politician further said: “Yes, I’ve enough money for its treatment if it gets worse, but truth is that it is no more fun to just keep living in this world full of poverty, helplessness and deprivation.”


“One needs to change it before going to heaven,” added Jawad.

Ahmad, who entered politics a few years ago with the Barabri Party Pakistan is very vocal about the rights of marginalized groups.

The vision of his party is “to establish a truly democratic state based on equitable distribution of wealth, equality of right over resources so that whatever is found, grown and produced in this country is equally accessible to all and equal access to opportunities regardless of race, religion, gender, and ethnicity.”