ASP Sheharbano Naqvi recently appeared in a morning show on Pakistan Television Network where the program host Juggun Kazim appreciated her for her courage and kissed her hand.

Naqvi is being feted continuously since she personally saved a woman from a charged mob in Ichra Bazar, Lahore, at risk to her own safety.

Juggan’s gesture has been getting a lot of reactions. Some think it was a bit too much while other think that the step was taken so that it could go viral.


Sheharbano is making waves for all the right reasons, all across national and international media. Juggun also posted a picture with the ASP and captioned it, “I met my hero today.” In the live show she said that because of Naqvi, she now feels safe in the country, adding that in the future her daughter will feel secure too.

During the course of the interview, the ASP lightheartedly explained the kind of upbringing she has had and what really happened that day. She said that she got to know about the call through her assistant about a religious offence. She emphasized that she immediately stood up to leave. “My mother is so used to me being on duty all the time that she said, have tea first,” Sheharbano related, to which she rolled her eyes like “seriously”.

Naqvi also recorded a session for Juggun’s YouTube Channel where she was again showered with praise but was asked about her future aspirations and the clauses that are helpful in women’s protection.

In the clip, she admitted to a desire to become a published writer in the future.

“Seek help. If you are stuck in a mob, do not argue and just make a call on 15,” she said while explaining that a similar incident had happened in the same market weeks before the Ichra Mob case and that woman out of fear changed her clothes. This provoked these people to force this woman. “Given the strong woman she was, she refused to change her clothes and this lead to that mob gathering around her.”

Speaking to the women of the country, Naqvi emphasised that, “If someone coerces you, for your dressing, views or the person you are with, then please call 15 or seek help from women police officers in the nearby police station.”