Nawab of Junagadh state, Nawab Jahangir Khan, and Dewan of Junagadh Shahibzada Ahmed Ali have said that the Junagadh state is fated to get independence from India.

They addressed the students of the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) of Rawalpindi Campus on Tuesday, reports The Express Tribune.

They also warned India that the princely state, Junagadh was and would continue a part of Pakistan.


They dubbed the slogan of United India as the “biggest fraud”. They also appreciated and thanked Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan for including the state in the political map of Pakistan in 2020.

They also suggested that the Junagadh issue be included in the educational curriculum to highlight the plight of the state.


They claimed that the Hindu population of the state is also in favour of acceding with Pakistan.

They also discussed during the session that India has occupied the land of Junagadh illegally despite the Muslim ruler’s agreement for annexation with Pakistan before partition.