Late Monday night, PMLN Chief Nawaz Sharif’s grandson Junaid Safdar uploaded a picture on his Instagram account only to delete it a few seconds later. Our hawk-eye NewsDesk took a screenshot before he deleted the picture taken at his wedding.

The picture Junaid uploaded and then deleted

The picture shows a glowing Ayesha and a happy Junaid smiling at the camera with the caption “22.08.21❤️”. Junaid deleted the picture from his Instafeed and then made the picture his display picture instead.

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Junaid’s display picture for Instagram

We reached out to Junaid and asked him why he deleted the picture from his Instafeed. “I deleted the pic because they’re emailing me the original with pixel quality…the picture I uploaded was not clear,” he said via message, and also told us to expect pictures and videos next week that capture some “emotional moments”.

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The couple got married in London on Sunday in a lavish ceremony, at The Lanesborough, a five-star hotel in Knightsbridge.