Kajol and Ajay Devgn’s daughter Nysa Devgan may not have forayed into Bollywood yet, but she is already a digital sensation. The star kid has multiple fan pages on Instagram, and pictures of her partying with her friends often go viral on social media.

Nysa recently slayed in glamorous ethnic outfits, and while her fans shower her with love, there is also a certain section of social media users who troll her and leave nasty comments that are uncalled for. Now, Kajol has reacted to it and has shared her opinion on social media trolling.

In a conversation with ETimes, the DDLJ diva was asked how she reacts to social media trolling. She replied that she feels trolling has become a strange part of social media. She then laughed and added that if one is trolled, it just means they’re famous. “If you are trolled, you are noticed. If you’re trolled you’re famous. It’s like you’re not famous till you’re trolled,” she said. When asked if it affects her, she said that it does, but that there’s only a limit to which these things can be taken seriously. “I will be stupid and I will be idiotic to say that it does not affect me. But yes, there is a certain level that you can take it seriously.”



She further added that numerous articles are written about trolling, but when she goes and checks the comments, she finds that there are hundreds of positive comments and only one or two negative comments on which the articles are based.

Kajol then added that she explains Nysa that for every one or two trolls who post nasty comments, there are a thousand other fans who think she is fantastic. “And most important of all, what do you see in the mirror? Whose opinion matters? My opinion matters. Not your own,” she joked.