Indian cricket legend Kapil Dev has spoken up against the criticism of Pakistan captain Babar Azam after the team failed to make it to the semi finals of the World Cup.

Pakistani cricketers, including the captain, are being severely criticized by former players and social media users. Some former Pakistani players have also advised Babar to leave the captaincy so that he can focus on his batting.

During a podcast, Kapil Dev said, “Because of the current performance of the team, people are taunting Babar Azam, criticizing him, but remember that this is the same player who brought Pakistan to the number one ranked team a month ago”.


He said, “People are watching Babar today because he did not perform well but they forgot yesterday when he was performing. Don’t judge a player based on his current performance, see how he plays, how much passion and talent he has, a player can get out on the first ball, there is no batsman like that in the world who could not get out on the first ball”.